Release 45.2

This release contains new features, which make instances more debuggable and their history easier to browse.

Important: Changed behaviour of chefrun and execrun

A chefrun or execrun action will not be applied more than once to a virtual machine, even when it happens to play multiple roles. While unlikely in cloud provisioning scenarios, such situations are quite common when roles are populated with pre-existing servers. The new behavior makes idempotency optional in chefrun/execrun scripts.

Log Action

We have added the ability to put arbitrary piece of text into Activity Log, it is useful for manifest debugging and analyzing past instance state. For more information see Log Action

Jobs searching and filtering

The Jobs tab now provides sorting and filtering similiar to the Activity Log tab. It is possible to filter jobs by workflow and step name as well as to select workflows executed on a particular date.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x and Centos 5.x

Running the Enterprise Controller is not supported anymore for RHEL 5 and Centos 5, see Software Requirements for details.