Release 44.15

This release contains improvements to the way complex parameters are preseneted on Advanced Launch dialog and ehnancements in the manifest editor. It also enables enterprise customers to use hardware HSMs to manage their SSH keys.

PKCS #11 Support

In addition to storing SSH keys in the secure vault on the controller machine, this release allows you to employ PKCS #11-compatible HSMs, like Amazon CloudHSM. This approach is beneficial to those considering cloud transition but unwilling to abandon security practices employed with more traditional infrastructure. Contact support on how to enable this for your controllers.

Parallel jobs

We have lifted the restriction on running concurrent commands on the same instance. That means that top-level commands mapped to multiple independent copmonents do not block each other. Individual component types, like workflow.Instance, may still not be able to handle concurrent commands and serialize calls instead.

Various improvements

  • Advanced Launch dialog now makes sure that dependent parameters across various levels of your hierarchical application.
  • When presented on the Advanced Launch dialog, complex parameters (JSON objects and lists) now use the same rich editor as the Manifest panel.
  • Controller installation script now allows to chose the target directory as well as the service user account