Hardware Requirements

Recommended system configuration:

  • Processor: x86-64, 4 cores
  • RAM: 8GB minimum
  • Network: 100Mbps LAN, 1Mbps outbound
  • Disk IO: 50 IOPS RAID1
  • 100 GB free space

Software Requirements

Tonomi Platform Enterprise Controller is distributed as a package for the Linux family of operating systems.

Supported operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 6.2

Packages that are required for software operation are bundled with the installation package.

System time must be synchronized with global clock (via NTP or other methods).

Server must be configured to correctly resolve its hostname (i.e. following commands must return meaningful results: hostname, hostname -f, hostname -i)

Security Requirements

Consult your customer representative for your tenant ID.

Outgoing network access:

  • — User portal and API endpoint (used by external tools).
  • — Used by the controller to communicate with the upstream fabric.

Incoming network access:

  • TCP/8899 (HTTPS protocol) - Accessed by customers to download data from controller

Additional network access required between HA nodes (bidirectional):

  • TCP/25672, TCP/4369, TCP/5672 - RabbitMQ clustering and access
  • TCP/2552 - Fabric clustering

We recommend that you create a separate user account for maintenance purposes. This account should be restricted to starting and stopping the controller services, as well as reading and writing the controller directory.