Service types methods

POST /api/1/organizations/(orgId)/serviceTypes

Uploads new service types to organization.

  • orgId – id of organization
Status Codes:

Request body:

  "name": (service-type-name),
  "manifest": (service-manifest)
  • service-type-name (string): name of the new service type
  • service-manifest (string): service manifest for new type

Response body:

  "name": <service-type-name>,
  "manifest": <service-manifest>,
  "interfaces": {
    <interface-alias>: <interface-name>
  "id": <service-type-id>
  • service-type-id: id of the created service
  • interface-alias: interface name from manifest, can be used for interfaces
  • interface-name: humanized interface name (hypens replaced with spaces, first letter is capitalized)