Logging α

The Tonomi Platform’s logging setup consists of the nxlog collector on the target machine and a dedicated logstash server, which enables indexing and querying facilities. The platform sets up logger for you and will make certain files available for querying via the server’s UI console.

To make Kibana features available to logging users, the logstash server includes an installation of Kibana 3. If you are new to the ELK stack, we recommend watching a Kibana-Logstash tutorial video as a quick introduction.

Please keep in mind that this solution does not respect the portal’s permissions, so logs are available to anyone who has access to the logging server. Also, logging is experimental functionality. If you need any help, please contact support.

Logger Service

All-in-one installation of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana is available as a platform manifest. The only thing you need to do is to launch an instance using your cloud account and add it to the environment. Note, that ports 80, 8514 and 9200 should be open on the logging service machine.



If you want to integrate logging steps into your manifest, use one of the following quick-start guides: