Use Chef to execute configuration management actions on your virtual machines.

Supported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 and higher
  • CentOS 5.8 and higher

Other Requirements

  • All requirements stated in Shell
  • PATH-executable commands:
    • chef-client and/or chef-solo
    • wget
    • unzip
  • Or use sudo to install the packages above.
  • Most recipes require a write privilege for /var/chef.

Adding Chef to Your Environment

  • Chef Solo:

    Chef Solo is a standalone version of Chef that runs locally on your virtual machine, detached from a Chef server. All the information and Cookbooks required to configure the virtual machine must be present on the local disk. They can be retrieved via a remote URL with a command-line or config file option.

  • Chef Client using your own Chef server or Opscode Platform:

    Chef Client runs locally on the systems you are managing with Chef. Chef Client connects to a Chef Server so that it can be told what to execute on the managed virtual machine. It allows for a more dynamic and flexible configuration management.


The Chef module exposes the following actions: